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ICT Long Term Plan


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Communication and E-Safety


Throughout the year children should have the opportunity to access a range of electronic devices to explore and investigate independently. This may include: computer access to games and 2simple software / BeeBots / Cameras /Talking Tins etc.

Year 1

Communication and E-Safety

Computer Skills 


Photo and Audio

Word Processing


Writing Algorithms

Programming with ScratchJr

Year 2

Communication and E-Safety

Word Processing:

Computer Art

Photo and Video

Presentation Skills

Preparing for Turtle Logo

Programming Turtle Logo and Scratch

Year 3

Communication and E-Safety

Word Processing

Internet Researching

Drawing and DTP

Computer Networks:

The Internet

Scratch: Questions and Quizzes

Year 4

Communication and E-Safety


Presenting Data

Microsoft Excel

Photo Stories

Computer Networks:

Internet communications

Scratch: Developing Games

Year 5

Communication and E-Safety

Internet Research and Webpage

Film Making

3D Modelling: SketchUp

Computer Networks:

Search Engines

Scratch: Animated Stories

Year 6

Communication and E-Safety


Microsoft Excel


Computer Networks:


Using and Applying Assessment

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