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Congratulations to our High 5 Team who have won all their league matches! Our Pollination group had a meeting with Stev last Friday, Do not forget Chorley Get Up & Go for the October Half Term, FREE Places available in Nursery, contact the school office for more information 01257 26 26 59. FREE Learn2Ride available, contact the office if your child is in KS2.. Thank You to Liverpool player & manager Mr Roy Evans who came to school to speak with Yr6 and present a certificate

Curriculum Overview

The school provides a well balanced curriculum which follows the requirements of the National Curriculum in all areas. 
We believe that we are educating children so that they can enter society as literate and numerate people who have also an appreciation and experience of a wide range of allied skills and subjects.  In order to do this the following subjects will form some part of their whole experience within school.  For a more detailed look at each year group, please look at the class pages.


Investigating and making. Knowledge and understanding of Art.

Design & Technology

Designing and making skills. Knowledge and understanding of materials and components, controls, structures, products and applications.


Speaking and listening. Reading.  Writing. Handwriting.  Spelling.  Presentation.  Standard English and Language Study.  Drama.

Religious Education

We follow the 'Come and See' scheme for Catholic schools.

At some time during the day, there will be provision for an act of collective worship which will be "wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character".  Parents may choose to exercise their right to withdraw children from RE according to their religious beliefs.


Geographical skills. Places.  Thematic study.


Chronology. Historical enquiry, organisation, communication.  Knowledge and understanding of History. Interpretations of History.

Information Technology

Using Lancashire's ICT progressions we cover exchanging and sharing information, finding things out and developing ideas and making things happen. We use a range of software and other resources to develop independent and understanding.


Number.  Using and applying mathematics.  Shape, space and measures.  Handling data.


Performing and composing. Listening and appraising.

Physical Education

Games.  Gymnastic activities. Athletic activities.  Outdoor and adventurous activities.  Dance.  Swimming (Y6).


This is taught through a range of subjects as well as the assembly programme.  It aims to increase awareness of the wider community.


Experimental and investigative science.  Life processes and living things.  Materials and their properties.  Physical processes.


Our Awards

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