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Mothers Day

In preparation for our Mothers Day Assembly, we wrote poems about what our Mums mean to us. We chose our favourite lines to create a class poem to perform.


My mother means the world to me,

for all the things she does for me.

She always does the best for me

because she's such a busy bee.

You're made out of emeralds,

smells better than McDonalds.

Eyes brighter than a star,

from me you're never far.

You are always right,

your smile is very bright.

As beautiful as a dove,

you fill me with love.

You always walk with a smile,

I've not seen a frown in a while.

You're the sweetest like a candy bar,

you drive me to school in your car.

Mother, a word that means a lot to me,

the one that does everything for me.

A terrific team mate,

not the only thing that makes you great.

A fortune worth more than gold,

a pearl that gets barely old.

When everyone's gone, you're always there,

Dreamy eyes and perfect hair.

A wonderful lady, never lazy,

a lovely person , never crazy.

When I'm sad, you' always care,

the things you've got, you always share.

When I win a race, you're always proud,

you're as beautiful as the clouds.

Your heart is bigger than the moon,

you brighten up our morning and afternoon.

Skin as pure as the sky,

your beauty is no lie.

Your personality is as sweet as honey,

you make me laugh and I find it funny.

Your smile so bright,

it fills me with light.

Your heart is always in the right place,

if someone's upset, you'll find out the case.

Your heart is a big as a snow mountain,

you're as pretty as a fountain.

Eyes as sparkly as a diamond ring,

you are the most beautify thing.

Just like the BFG,

you're as kind as can be.

With hair as dark as the moonlit night,

like a light, your eyes so bright.

You are always really kind,

 you're the nicest person I could find.

This Mothers Day, it's time to rest

because you are the very best.




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