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Stay and Learn Oct. 18

Thank you to all parents our October Stay and Learn.


Below are two videos demonstrating how to do the grid method.

Fronted Adverbials from Stay and Learn


Here are some of my favourite sentences that were written during the English activity.


"Just as the Romans marched on the rocky, narrow valley, an arrow hit the nemesis in the eye." By Lucas.

"At night, the battle begins." By Amelia.

"Angrily, the Roman soldiers charged at the enemy." By Magdalena.

"Furiously, the vicious Roman army charged at the frightful enemy." By Barnaby.

"In the cold, snowy mountains, there was a great big battle." By Lexi-May.

"Sneakily in the ambush area, there were archers waiting until the sign was shown." By Noah.

"One day later, the Romans arrived." By Rory.

"In the snowy, dark mountains, the Romans marched forward in to the scary battle." By Jake.


These are just a small number of the fantastic sentences that were written, well done to all children who showed their parents how they use fronted adverbials. 


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