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Congratulations to our High 5 Team who have won all their league matches! Our Pollination group had a meeting with Stev last Friday, Do not forget Chorley Get Up & Go for the October Half Term, FREE Places available in Nursery, contact the school office for more information 01257 26 26 59. FREE Learn2Ride available, contact the office if your child is in KS2.. Thank You to Liverpool player & manager Mr Roy Evans who came to school to speak with Yr6 and present a certificate

Year 4


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Week 1

Place value

Mental multiplication incl. 6x and 9x tables

Place value

Roman numerals

Counting incl. negative numbers

Mental multiplication and written division incl. 7x and 11x tables

Counting and sequences (statistics)

Place value

Week 2

Place value - decimals

Mental division

Fractions and decimals

Place value

Fractions and decimals (measures)


Week 3

Written addition and subtraction

Written multiplication

Fractions, decimals and


Written multiplication

Fractions and written division

Addition and subtraction (statistics)

Week 4

Written addition and subtraction (problems and inverse)

Length incl. perimeter

Position and direction

2D shape and position


Volume/capacity and mass

Multiplication and division

Week 5

2D shape



Addition and subtraction (statistics)

Position and area


Week 6


Assess and review week


(statistics, measures, money)

Assess and review week

Multiplication facts incl. 12x table and time

Assess and review week

Our Awards

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