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Celebration Assembly Friday KS1 @ 9am and Friday KS2 @ 2.45pm.... Well done to our Y6 Orienteering team, Oscar, Catherine, Ella & Noah - 1st place!! FREE Learn2Ride avaliable, contact the office if your child is in KS2 and cannot confidently ride a bike.

Year 6


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Week 1

Place value incl. decimals


Place value, sequences and coordinates

Mental and written addition and subtraction

Place value, decimals and fractions

Measurement – mass and volume / capacity

Week 2

Mental and written addition

Fractions, percentages, ratio and proportion

2D shape, coordinates, translation and reflection

Measurement, ratio and proportion

Mental and written calculation

Mental and written calculations

Week 3

Mental and written multiplication (time)

Geometry - angles

Statistics – pie charts

Measurement – temperature, mean

2D and 3D shape

Calculating fractions, ratio and proportion


Week 4

2D and 3D shape

Measurement – length, including perimeter and mass

Calculating with fractions

Area, perimeter and volume of shapes

Coordinates, translation and reflection

Place value and decimals

Week 5

Mental and written subtraction

Measurement – area and volume

Mental and written division

Statistics – line graphs and pie charts

Algebra and sequences

2D and 3D shape

Week 6

Mental and written division

Assess and review week

Mental and written multiplication

Assess and review week

Measurement (length and time) and statistics - mean

Assess and review week

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