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Reading and Phonics Schemes


During the school day, we recognise the importance of reading and therefore have a daily reading slot in which children across the school will be doing various reading related activities, from guided reading to ICT based activities.  Also during this time some children from each Key Stage take part in our Book Buddies reading scheme, in which the Key Stage 2 children read with a child from Years 1 and 2.
School is always updating the reading resources in school.  We have bought new guided reading books, home readers and purchased some new books for our library.  Every year we have access to the Mobile Library which enables us to loan various books for each class, each year.  Teachers can also request a topic box, which will contain books specific to a topic or author a class maybe studying.


We have recently invested in Accelerated Reader. This is an online resource accessed by children from Yr 2 to Yr 6. When the children have read a book they then access an online quiz which will give them instant feedback.  There is an additional Star Reading Test which the children will complete at least three times a year which help help identify reading target for the children and identify the range of books at their specific standard.

Below find more information on our reading and phonics books in school.
Our Key Stage one children are currently reading:


Guided Reading

*  Phonic Bug
*  Rigby Star


Home Readers

*  Phonic Bug 
* Comics for Phonics
* Traditional Tales - Decodable Readers
* Floppy Phonics
* Rigby Rocket Books
* Collins Big Cat
* Project X

In Key Stage 2 the children have access to a fantastic library which they are able to choose their own home reader from and during guided reading we use:
* Collins Big Cat
* Rigby Navigator
* Literacy World (non-fiction)
* Other independent reading books for more able readers


Reading at home

Here at Sacred Heart we ask parents to please try to spend time each night reading with your child, especially if your child is in Key Stage one . You can use the prompts in the front and back of the book to help, and also before and after reading. In your child’s reading record, please then make a comment each time you have listened to your child read or worked with your child. You could note good points and points for improvement focusing on what your child needs to work on next time. As the children get older they will become more independent readers and may wish to read on their own, but it is still a good idea to try read with your child at least once or twice a week.

Additional Information:
There is an exciting website called which is packed full of interesting stories log on and enjoy listening and reading lots of different stories with your child. Just go to the library section of the webpage and select the age group of your child to view the ebooks.

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