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Spring term topics


In the Spring term we will be looking at Light, including shadows, how we see light and reflections. Next half term we will be looking at forces, especially magnets and magnetic fields. 





Investigating how shadows are formed and how they can change.

Autumn term topics: 


In Autumn term, class 3 will be studying Plants and Flowers and then Soils and Rocks in Autumn 2. 

The key learning for Plants and Flowers can be found on the topic page below. 


The children have enjoyed science this term and have enjoyed the online educational videos provided by the YouTube channel SciShow Kids, particularly those on the topics of parts of plants, what plants need to grow and how seeds are dispersed. 

Some of the experiments the children have performed this term

This week the children have enjoyed making plant puppets and bumblebees to explore the pollination process. Take a look at our pictures!

Take a look at the children exploring rock types based on appearance, crystal presence, permeability, firmness or texture! In a following lesson, the children used chocolate to create chocolate rocks, to help them further understand the formation of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. 

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